Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Holidays are Upon us...

I am not prepared at all! I have shopping to do and decorating and baking and my daughters birthday party...Oh my where am I going to find time for all that and to clean my house. LOL!!

We went this past weekend to pick out the perfect tree from the tree farm. It has rained the night before and therefore was muddy!!!

After 3hrs and two farms we found THE tree. Ok so I thought it was the tree and my husband was just tired of walking so I basically said whatever and walked away. I come back and it is cut down, thanks to my son.
We get it home and yep it takes up a 1/4th of my living room and is 10ft tall! I think it looks great! It still needs all the trimmings put on and we are doing a blue and white theme this year.

Christmas is at my house on Christmas eve and I have to work that day...SOOOOO I need to get super duper busy. Between now and next Thursday I have soccer practice, choir concert, birthday party, bowling leagues, soccer game and orthodontist appts. Does it ever stop! NO. My husband will be in charge of the soccer and bowling stuff so I can go to choir and prepare for a house full of teenagers.
My lovely wonderful beautiful daughter has invited about 25 of her friends to come over. I am not sure where they will be going besides the basement. So I am thinking of cheap and fun decorations for her 14th bday party to liven up the unfinished basement. Martha Stewart has a tutorial on how to make tissue paper pom poms on her website. So I am going to do those and string some christmas lights and get out the disco ball and get some ballons and let them have at it.
Here is my first tissue paper pom pom, hung from the entry way light.

Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts: An A-to-Z Guide with Detailed Instructions and Endless Inspiration

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