Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Busy Busy....

I know I have neglected to keep up to date with my blog! Between work being slammed and home life just out of control, I rarely have the ability to sit and relax for a few and type anything. So I am taking a few minutes today to do just that.

I have several pictures I need to upload of misc items. My daughter drew a penguin on her boyfriends valentines card and she is quite the artist. I took a picture to share here. I also have been working on my hubby's rag throw blanket. I am just about done and will share that as well.
We have really started working on the house and getting that prepped to be sold. I bought a new unfinished kitchen table and have been staining and painting that. I have one more coat of paint on the legs to do and then sand the top and do another coat of polyurethane. I didn't take before pictures as I was too anxious to get started but I will take after pictures. Now I need to find some kitchen chairs that I can paint. Hubby won't let me touch my current set. :o(

On the weight loss front here are my stats:
Starting weight: 145.6
After Load weight: 147.6
Day 29 VLCD: 131.4 and a whopping 20.75 inches lost!!!
So I am down 16.2lbs in a month! I am happy about that. I am nearing the end of the diet though and I am happy about that too. I am ready to starting adding new foods back in and maintaining the weight loss. I would like to lose just a few more pounds though. I am hoping to get to 128 before this round is over.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not much going on

My birthday was this past week and it came and went. Not a lot of good news on that day.
I woke up to a phone call that my Great Grandmother passed away the night before. So sad but she was 91.
Then we missed the school bus but I still got on the road to work on time.
There was an accident on the highway which caused me to be 15min late to work. Bummer....
My wonderful co-workers though decorated my desk and had a food day for me and was considerate to my diet! It was so nice.
Once I got home I had a wonderful bouquet of flowers from my hubby and the kids were cleaning up the house. Very sweet of them all. Later in the evening I got an email from a friend and she was wishing me a Happy Birthday but then mentioned she was starting chemo in 3wks. I didn't even know she had cancer! So I called her and found out she has stage 3 breast cancer and had a mastectomy the week before. She found out she had cancer Dec 23rd. I am so sad for her but let her know if she needs anything at all to let me know and I will be there. They are moving about 4 miles down the road from us this month and I am beyond Excited!!!

It has been a long week needless to say and it ended with a trip to urgent care on Sat with my middle child. She had been sick and it wasn't getting better and she has a serious case of strep throat. Poor gal! She is doing a little better but still running an off and on fever and her throat really hurts. She is determined to go to school tomorrow.

On the diet front:

Pre Load Weight: 145.6
Post Load Weight: 147.6
Day 14 of the Low Cal diet: 135.2
Total weight lost: 12.4lbs!!! WOOHOOO
I still need to do some measurements but haven't.

Here's to a better week!! I have done a tad bit of sewing but need to take pictures of the finished product which won't be done until next weekend.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Diet Update

Well the update is good! I am handing the diet well and the food choices really aren't that bad.
I am down 9lbs since Jan 25th and several inches now. I did up my dose on Sat from 0.5 to 0.6 because I was still dealing with a lot of hunger and being very tired. After upping the dose I feel much better!

So here are the results:
Pre Load: 145.6
After Load: 147.6
after 7days on the Low Cal: 138.6

Total weight loss so far: 9lbs in 1week! I am thrilled

I will do pictures after 2wks so there will hopefully be some very visible change. I can see a difference in my clothes so that is good.