Friday, November 5, 2010


I actually have some free time to share what I have been busy with lately!
I have been dabbling in photography with my daughter's senior pictures and also my cousin's senior pictures.
As far as sewing....well I am proud to say that I completed a small baby quilt!
On to the pictures:
First  my daughter, isn't she a beauty! I think this has such a classic and retro feel to it. I LOVE it!

And pictures of my Cousin who also graduates next year. She too is quite the beauty!

AND I have been Sewing! WOOHOO!!! I made the following for one of my daughter's boss'. She gave it to her today and she said L almost cried. I got the idea from a recipe at Moda Bake Shop.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another month gone...

It has been yet another month since my last post! I keep thinking I need to get on here and atleast say "Hey", I just get busy and forget.

We took our vacation to FL and had a good time. It was a tad lonely without the kids though. We enjoyed some deep sea fishing and kayaking and just some beach time and lots of  daily naps relaxation.
The kids don't ever want us to leave again for that long and I don't blame them. I don't want to be away from them again for a full week.

Since we have been home I have done a little sewing...yay!! I made a little onsie dress for a co-workers neice and forgot to take a pic of it and it was oh so cute! Now I am in the middle of making a baby quilt for one of my daughter's bosses. It has been made entirely out of scrap fabric I had on hand and it is my first real quilt. I was a little nervous but it is turning out really cute!

Oh and I started teaching myself to crochet. My oldest daughter bought a teach yourself to crochet kit last year. Well she didn't get too far, so I picked it up and tried it. Yeah not the easiest thing to follow. I am more of a visual person I suppose or atleast when it comes to crochet. So who or what did I turn to....You Tube! It definitely helped and also my older co-workers helped me too. Do I have anything to share with you on I did crochet a flower but it was supposed to have 5 petals and mine had 7....It is cute but wrong.

So between all that has happened above I have lots of pictures I need to share! I am at work and don't have access to any of them. :(

Have a Wonderfully Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Non-Existant Motivation

My motivation for blogging or doing anything crafty really has flown right out the door! I keep searching blogs to find it and I feel it coming back but it isn't strong yet. :o)

I will give you a run down of what has happened since my last post.
*I participated in a Wonderful Christmas in July ornament Swap! I had a duh moment and shipped off my ornament and goodies without taking a picture. I really hope my recipient liked them.
*In return I got some lovely ornaments! I can't wait for Christmas to put them on the tree. For now they are on the mantle for all to see.
*I went to visit my friend Amy and her little girls for the night. We had a good time and took the kids to a little water park. It was a lot of fun and I am ready for another trip to see them. They only live 90mins away but when life happens it is hard to find time to drive that far.
**I have dear friends in GA that I miss dearly! Love you Wendy! I know you read on occasion.**
*We have taken 2 camping/floating trips. One with just the adults at the beginning of Aug and one with the kids on labor day weekend. Let me just say the one with the kids was fun but COLD! When we got off the water from our tube float it was about 65 and the sun was going down. The poor dog was beat and slept in the car the whole night.
*We had a surprise 50th bday for my dad. It was a lot of fun and it was nice to see family members that I don't get to see often.
*I am creating a craftying/sewing room at my house. We kind of shuffled kids around when my oldest decided she wanted to move to the unfinished basement. So I am still in the process of clearing out a bedroom so I can move my sewing and crafting stuff in. It really needs a permanent home instead of getting shuffled all around the house.
~~Upcoming events:
*Hubby and I are taking a long overdue (14yrs) honeymoon. We are headed to Cocoa Beach FL during our 14th anniversy SOLO! Holy Cow! I am already nervous... I think I am worried about the kids while we are gone. They will be in good hands but still.. I have never been away longer than a weekend.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Christmas in July?

I know who wants to hear that word already! It is only JULY! Well I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July this year. Ours went over well and the guys had too much fun. I believe that the 4th is definitely a mans holiday when it comes to fireworks.

Anyway...I am participating in a Christmas in July Ornament swap over at Terri's Notebook

I normally participate in an Ornament Swap with friends in December and make about 12 ornaments and come home with 11 different ornaments and one of my own. It is always a blast and I LOVE homemade ornaments. So I can't wait to get started early!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Day of Science

I have been home with the kids for a few days and we started my mini vacation with the Twilight Triple Feature on Tuesday the 29th and let me just say AWESOME!!!
Wednesday was a full day of resting since we didn't get home until 3am and I had been up since 5am on Tuesday.

Thursday we didn't do much as I was having personal issues and had to go to the doc...It's too embarrasing to discuss on such a public place.

So on Friday I took 5 kids to the St. Louis Science Center and brought along a picnic lunch. The best thing about the science center is it is FREE minus certain activities which we opted out of. It is also close to the St. Louis Zoo which is also FREE to get in. If your ever in the area definitely check those two places out.

Here are a few pics from our day.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I just entered an amazing giveaway over at Tatertots & Jello. It is for a Silouette craft cutting machine that can cut a multitude of items! You can using it for cutting vinyl, for your scrapbooking needs, making small packages and banner, and heat transfers for shirts!!!

Go Check it out: Silouette Giveaway at Tatertots & Jello

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Newly Listed!

I have officially put items in my etsy shop! You will find 3 twilight inspired glass pendants and each will include a chain with purchase. Go check it out and see for yourself.
I will be posting more very soon and some of those adorable onesies!

Monday, June 7, 2010

What a weekend!

We had a wonderful yet busy weekend! A last minute decision was made to join some friends at Mark Twain Lake on Sat. Everyone else had been there since Thursday evening but we only went up for one night on Sat. It was a nice time! I was in charge of dessert for our Saturday night cookout and I made my homemade carrot cake and cream cheese icing and hubby made chocolate chip cookies. I also made a new recipe of Apple Cream Cheese muffins and they were quite good! I know I need to share some recipes but they are at home and I am at work. :o(

Saturday morning we left and arrived at the cabin at about 11am. We unpacked and set up our little cabin then took the kids to the water park there. They had a blast and I barely saw them the whole 5hrs we were there. I did play a little myself and go down some water slides and then chilled by the wave pool with the girls. The guys sat in the little bar area and watched the baseball game. It was very relaxing! The lazy river was very enjoyable as well. If it weren't for some big kids (aka teenage boys) making it into a wave pool river it would have been lazy enough to fall asleep on! I did enjoy a few drinks while there and I don't drink very often but it just made me that much more relaxed!

Once we all got back, dinner started. We had SOOO much food! It was all so delicious and such a wonderful way to spend a weekend.  Then Sunday was spent washing all our bedding and trying to get the house in order before the work week started. I was so exhausted that I also took a small nap and felt I could have slept the day away!
I hope to have more weekends like that soon!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In the works....

Well I have been busy yet my house is a disaster!!! LOL! I guess that is because I have been busy crafting and doing other things.

I have a little something I have been working on and it is nearing reveal time. I am going to be starting my own little crafting hobby/business. Nothing big but something fun.

I have a new blog set up and also an etsy shop. Of course they are both empty right now. :o) I have taken some pics of my stuff and will be posting if for sale very soon. I am hoping to maybe get the blog out there in the blogger world and maybe do a giveaway to attrack some potential people.

Right now I am trying to get some products together and made to maybe do a local craft show and see how it does.

So here are the sites I have been working on:
twolittlebirds10 at yahoo dot com

Feel free to see me there and follow me or let me know what you think!

Here are some items I am working on:
Ruffle bottom onesies for babies and matching head bands or hair clips and burp clothes
Baby and Toddler dresses from Whimsy Couture designs
Glass pendant necklaces....I have some twilight ones in the works...I want to keep and wear them all! LOL!

Here are some sample pics of what I will have and I took better pictures for my other site but they are still on the camera.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just had to check this out!

I just went to My Live Signature and created a siggy for my posts! I was excited so I had to share.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Well again I have been MIA! I have been doing some dabbling in sewing but mainly trying to keep up with my house and kids for now. I REALLY need a sewing room but I don't see that happening.
It is so hard to get motivated to sew when you have clear the kitchen table before a project is finished so you can serve dinner. :o(
Maybe just maybe I can set myself up a little area in my basement in front of a window and escape there for a bit to get stuff done.
I have so many to do's on my list that I am a tad overwhelmed on where to start. LOL!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I took a mini vacation from blogging apparently. No major happenings in my household though, just a lot of soccer and bowling going on. I have just one child in Soccer and bowling but that is 3 teams between the two sports and not to mention my husband was bowling as well.
Thankfully these sports are coming to an end and I couldn't be HAPPIER! I will have more time to myself  get more things done.
I have managed to read a few good books. I read the Hunger Games which was really good and the sequel to that and there is a third book coming out in Aug that I can't wait to read. I just finished another book ( I forget the name already!) and it wasn't my type of book and I had a hard time getting into it.
So I really have done zero crafting but I keep looking at projects to do. In due time I will get to start on a sewing or crafting project and I can't wait.

I will share a picture with you of my niece wearing the dress I made for her. She was such a doll on her birthday and had a good ole time with her cake!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesdays deals

Schnucks Shopping Trip. All this cost me just $10.30 after coupons and sales.
Here is a picture of my receipt.

It wasn't my typical Tuesday shopping trip though. I just stopped at the one store on my way home from work. I usually got while my husband bowls but he ended up not going this week.

I am pleased with my trip though and hope to make another before the sales are over.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy Body...

I had a super duper busy night last night! Once I got home from work, we had some of that delicious cheesecake then it was off to soccer practice for my son. His practice is from 6p-8p twice a week so I drop him off and my husband picks him up or vice versa. Well from the moment I stepped foot back in my door. I went to work on cleaning my bedroom. It is the one room of the house that is seriously neglected and becomes a dumping ground.
I took down all the curtains and blinds. Threw the curtains in the wash and the blinds in my big ole tub. I scrubbed them down and boy was that nasty!! I haven't done that since we have moved in. Sad to say but oh so true. Then it was time to dust the walls and wash the windows with some vinegar water mixture. I really think they need a 2nd cleaning before the blinds go back up. There was such a layer of ick on them. I am ashamed at how I have let my room go. I managed to go through some of the mounds of homeless stuff in my room. It is looking so much better but I have a long way to go still.
While working on my room I also managed to do 2 more loads of laundry, one of blankets and one of sheets. I have many more blankets to wash and put away, from the kids having friends over and such.
After all that I did the dishes and wiped the counters down and even took some soup and tylenol over to my middle daughters good friend who was sick. Poor girls got each other sick. Finally at 10pm I sat down at my laptop and uploaded a few pics that I posted last night. I was in bed by about 10:30 and very thankful to be there.

My ever so concerned hubby was wondering what got into me. Awww...thanks for the concern but it would have been so wonderful of him to offer to do something besides making sure the couch didn't run away. :o)

Monday, March 29, 2010


Need I say more.....
But I will, this is a Turtle Pecan Cheesecake and the recipe is from The Blue Owl Restaurant in Kimmswick MO. You can purchase their cookbooks from their website.
We had this for dinner dessert tonight.
Okay I really did have this for dinner and it was so worth it!!!

Some Pictures I have been Promising

The dress for my niece. I am sure it will be a little big and it isn't perfect but I am happy with the results

And the Rag Blanket I made for my hubby. All that snipping sure takes lots of time and patience!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I WON!!!

WOOHOO!!! I won the giveaway over at the Secret Stitch Club for the cake smock! I am so freaking excited!!!!

Shopping deals from Tuesday

My husband bowls on Tuesday nights so I try to turn that into my shopping night. I am near a lot more stores that what we live near, including Target.
So here is what I obtained this week from Target for only....

$9.61 including tax

And here is how I did it:
1 Reynolds Slow Cooker liners: $1.87
2 Airwick I-Motion  for $6 each on sale= $12
2 Olay Body Washes $5.89 each = $11.78
2 Venus Disposable Breeze razor packs $5.99 each = $11.98
3 Dial hand soaps $1.37 each = $4.11
Total before coupons and tax: $41.74

Used Manufacturer Coupons and Target coupons:
$1 off the Reynolds liners = 0.87
$5 off Airwick x2 and a Target coupon for $1 off x2= Free
Free OLAY WYB Venus Razor pack x2 = Free
$2 off the Venus Razor x2 = 7.98
0.35 MQ off the Dial Soap and $1 Target coupon off dial soap x3 = 0.06
Total before tax: $8.91 + 0.70 $9.61

Now per my receipt it says Saved $59.09. So I am quite pleased with the sales and coupons combined.

I also hit up the grocery stores but it was late and I didn't take any pictures.
But I managed to spend $34.13 and here is what I got:

Powdered Sugar
2 bottles KC bbq sauce
Kashi Roasted Garlic snack crackers
Bag of Fruity Dyno Bites Cereal (Daughter had to have)
Peanut Butter
1lb Carrots
Total at Deirbergs: $8.89

3 Bottles Franks Hot Sauce
2 3lb bags of Chicken Breasts
2 bottles Ranch dressing
2.86lbs Apples
2 18lb bags of charcoal
4lbs of pork steaks
Total Spent at Schnucks: $25.24

I would break it all down but I won't bore you any longer. :o)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Found another project

I am almost done clipping all my seams on my rag blanket. Man oh Man does that take forever and I get impatient and have to put it away. So pictures to come as soon as that is completed.

I did however find another project to start on too. My niece's 1st Birthday is coming up and I wanted to make her a cute outfit for the day. I found some adorable pink, brown and white fabric and a little white shirt (see photo below).
I am going to use the following tutorial on Lil Blue Boo's blog: Cupcake Applique Shirt and Matching Skirt

And right now I am trying my hardest to win this  or this adorable little smocks/aprons for my niece as well over at The Secret Stitch Club. I think either of them would be great for my little neice.

And here is my oldest daughter holding my niece Addison. Isn't she a doll baby!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Friday!

I finally finished putting my rag quilt together last night. Pictures to come.
I still have to clip all my seams and wash it so it will "Rag". I can't wait to share it with you all.
Of course it isn't perfect but I love it and can't wait to cuddle up under it, even though I made it with my hubby in mind.

Also I need to find a good plan to use up my I-Spy fabric. I want to get started on a quilt of some sort. I was thinking a picnic quilt to give as a gift for my neice and sister. Of course that requires me to start working on it.

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

HCG Diet Update

I took my last drops on Thursday March 4th and here are my totals from then.

Weight lost: 19.8lbs
Inches lost: 25.25

All pictures go from Day 1 to Day 20 to Day 44 in each row.