Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In the works....

Well I have been busy yet my house is a disaster!!! LOL! I guess that is because I have been busy crafting and doing other things.

I have a little something I have been working on and it is nearing reveal time. I am going to be starting my own little crafting hobby/business. Nothing big but something fun.

I have a new blog set up and also an etsy shop. Of course they are both empty right now. :o) I have taken some pics of my stuff and will be posting if for sale very soon. I am hoping to maybe get the blog out there in the blogger world and maybe do a giveaway to attrack some potential people.

Right now I am trying to get some products together and made to maybe do a local craft show and see how it does.

So here are the sites I have been working on:

twolittlebirds10 at yahoo dot com

Feel free to see me there and follow me or let me know what you think!

Here are some items I am working on:
Ruffle bottom onesies for babies and matching head bands or hair clips and burp clothes
Baby and Toddler dresses from Whimsy Couture designs
Glass pendant necklaces....I have some twilight ones in the works...I want to keep and wear them all! LOL!

Here are some sample pics of what I will have and I took better pictures for my other site but they are still on the camera.

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