Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Christmas in July?

I know who wants to hear that word already! It is only JULY! Well I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July this year. Ours went over well and the guys had too much fun. I believe that the 4th is definitely a mans holiday when it comes to fireworks.

Anyway...I am participating in a Christmas in July Ornament swap over at Terri's Notebook

I normally participate in an Ornament Swap with friends in December and make about 12 ornaments and come home with 11 different ornaments and one of my own. It is always a blast and I LOVE homemade ornaments. So I can't wait to get started early!

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Terriaw said...

Yay, thanks for the shout-out Tonya! I normally do those bigger ornament swaps too, but skipped it last year. Think you might try another one later this year? Let me know if you do!