Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another month gone...

It has been yet another month since my last post! I keep thinking I need to get on here and atleast say "Hey", I just get busy and forget.

We took our vacation to FL and had a good time. It was a tad lonely without the kids though. We enjoyed some deep sea fishing and kayaking and just some beach time and lots of  daily naps relaxation.
The kids don't ever want us to leave again for that long and I don't blame them. I don't want to be away from them again for a full week.

Since we have been home I have done a little sewing...yay!! I made a little onsie dress for a co-workers neice and forgot to take a pic of it and it was oh so cute! Now I am in the middle of making a baby quilt for one of my daughter's bosses. It has been made entirely out of scrap fabric I had on hand and it is my first real quilt. I was a little nervous but it is turning out really cute!

Oh and I started teaching myself to crochet. My oldest daughter bought a teach yourself to crochet kit last year. Well she didn't get too far, so I picked it up and tried it. Yeah not the easiest thing to follow. I am more of a visual person I suppose or atleast when it comes to crochet. So who or what did I turn to....You Tube! It definitely helped and also my older co-workers helped me too. Do I have anything to share with you on I did crochet a flower but it was supposed to have 5 petals and mine had 7....It is cute but wrong.

So between all that has happened above I have lots of pictures I need to share! I am at work and don't have access to any of them. :(

Have a Wonderfully Happy Wednesday!

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Terriaw said...

so happy to see your post show up in my google reader! Sounds like you've been quite busy lately. The cool thing about crochet is that you're only working with one stitch on the needle at a time versus knitting where you have lots of stitches to deal with. Great idea to consult with You Tube!