Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vacation came and went

It has been too long without a post!

In a nutshell, vacation got off to a rocky start but we made it there and back in one piece and had a decent time. My laptop cord is dead so I can't upload my pictures to share.
The suburban never made it there, the transmission was the culprit for all the noise. So we packed into my car and made it a little less comfortably than we hoped.
The big issues were a stripped out oil pan (temp fix was done so we could drive it) and a blown out tire....Yeah we made it thankfully! The oil pan got fixed once we got back at the expense of Walmart. And the blow out was fixed while on vacation, thankfully we had a spare. Had to break out the owners manual to find out where it was on my car!

The good stuff though: We saw manatees and dolphins and also Space Shuttle Atlantis coming home. It was a nice time! I am ready to go again and look forward to the day just hubby and I can go.

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