Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How irritating!

We leave for Florida in 2 days! We have an older suburban that has some issues that hubby was going to fix. Well I was on him all last week to please fix that noise on the suburban.
Me: Oh and Hey I think the a/c needs charged.
Him: No it worked when we bought it a few months ago.
Me: Okay whatever...just please fix the suburban so we have a roomy ride to FL (18hrs)
Him: Okay I will look at it I promise.

Fast forward a week and lots of fishing time later. He is just getting to the suburban! We leave in 2 days! It has an appt for tomorrow to have the a/c charged and my fingers are crossed that is all that is wrong with it. It makes a vibrating noise and he believes that to be a caliper or a break line so he is working on that. He also wants to do a tune up and check out this leak on the radiator. Yeah I just hope we get to FL and back without any major repairs.
I have a car that would get us there and back no problem, but there is no leg room. So we bought a 98 suburban for $2000, that really is in good condition, just for vacation and camping trips or any long road trips period.

Despite the irritation; I am excited to have a week of relaxation here soon!!!

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