Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not much going on

My birthday was this past week and it came and went. Not a lot of good news on that day.
I woke up to a phone call that my Great Grandmother passed away the night before. So sad but she was 91.
Then we missed the school bus but I still got on the road to work on time.
There was an accident on the highway which caused me to be 15min late to work. Bummer....
My wonderful co-workers though decorated my desk and had a food day for me and was considerate to my diet! It was so nice.
Once I got home I had a wonderful bouquet of flowers from my hubby and the kids were cleaning up the house. Very sweet of them all. Later in the evening I got an email from a friend and she was wishing me a Happy Birthday but then mentioned she was starting chemo in 3wks. I didn't even know she had cancer! So I called her and found out she has stage 3 breast cancer and had a mastectomy the week before. She found out she had cancer Dec 23rd. I am so sad for her but let her know if she needs anything at all to let me know and I will be there. They are moving about 4 miles down the road from us this month and I am beyond Excited!!!

It has been a long week needless to say and it ended with a trip to urgent care on Sat with my middle child. She had been sick and it wasn't getting better and she has a serious case of strep throat. Poor gal! She is doing a little better but still running an off and on fever and her throat really hurts. She is determined to go to school tomorrow.

On the diet front:

Pre Load Weight: 145.6
Post Load Weight: 147.6
Day 14 of the Low Cal diet: 135.2
Total weight lost: 12.4lbs!!! WOOHOOO
I still need to do some measurements but haven't.

Here's to a better week!! I have done a tad bit of sewing but need to take pictures of the finished product which won't be done until next weekend.

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