Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Busy Busy....

I know I have neglected to keep up to date with my blog! Between work being slammed and home life just out of control, I rarely have the ability to sit and relax for a few and type anything. So I am taking a few minutes today to do just that.

I have several pictures I need to upload of misc items. My daughter drew a penguin on her boyfriends valentines card and she is quite the artist. I took a picture to share here. I also have been working on my hubby's rag throw blanket. I am just about done and will share that as well.
We have really started working on the house and getting that prepped to be sold. I bought a new unfinished kitchen table and have been staining and painting that. I have one more coat of paint on the legs to do and then sand the top and do another coat of polyurethane. I didn't take before pictures as I was too anxious to get started but I will take after pictures. Now I need to find some kitchen chairs that I can paint. Hubby won't let me touch my current set. :o(

On the weight loss front here are my stats:
Starting weight: 145.6
After Load weight: 147.6
Day 29 VLCD: 131.4 and a whopping 20.75 inches lost!!!
So I am down 16.2lbs in a month! I am happy about that. I am nearing the end of the diet though and I am happy about that too. I am ready to starting adding new foods back in and maintaining the weight loss. I would like to lose just a few more pounds though. I am hoping to get to 128 before this round is over.

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