Monday, March 15, 2010

Found another project

I am almost done clipping all my seams on my rag blanket. Man oh Man does that take forever and I get impatient and have to put it away. So pictures to come as soon as that is completed.

I did however find another project to start on too. My niece's 1st Birthday is coming up and I wanted to make her a cute outfit for the day. I found some adorable pink, brown and white fabric and a little white shirt (see photo below).
I am going to use the following tutorial on Lil Blue Boo's blog: Cupcake Applique Shirt and Matching Skirt

And right now I am trying my hardest to win this  or this adorable little smocks/aprons for my niece as well over at The Secret Stitch Club. I think either of them would be great for my little neice.

And here is my oldest daughter holding my niece Addison. Isn't she a doll baby!!

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