Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shopping deals from Tuesday

My husband bowls on Tuesday nights so I try to turn that into my shopping night. I am near a lot more stores that what we live near, including Target.
So here is what I obtained this week from Target for only....

$9.61 including tax

And here is how I did it:
1 Reynolds Slow Cooker liners: $1.87
2 Airwick I-Motion  for $6 each on sale= $12
2 Olay Body Washes $5.89 each = $11.78
2 Venus Disposable Breeze razor packs $5.99 each = $11.98
3 Dial hand soaps $1.37 each = $4.11
Total before coupons and tax: $41.74

Used Manufacturer Coupons and Target coupons:
$1 off the Reynolds liners = 0.87
$5 off Airwick x2 and a Target coupon for $1 off x2= Free
Free OLAY WYB Venus Razor pack x2 = Free
$2 off the Venus Razor x2 = 7.98
0.35 MQ off the Dial Soap and $1 Target coupon off dial soap x3 = 0.06
Total before tax: $8.91 + 0.70 $9.61

Now per my receipt it says Saved $59.09. So I am quite pleased with the sales and coupons combined.

I also hit up the grocery stores but it was late and I didn't take any pictures.
But I managed to spend $34.13 and here is what I got:

Powdered Sugar
2 bottles KC bbq sauce
Kashi Roasted Garlic snack crackers
Bag of Fruity Dyno Bites Cereal (Daughter had to have)
Peanut Butter
1lb Carrots
Total at Deirbergs: $8.89

3 Bottles Franks Hot Sauce
2 3lb bags of Chicken Breasts
2 bottles Ranch dressing
2.86lbs Apples
2 18lb bags of charcoal
4lbs of pork steaks
Total Spent at Schnucks: $25.24

I would break it all down but I won't bore you any longer. :o)

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