Friday, May 15, 2009

Creative and Busy night!

Last night after work I come home to a huge dinner prepared by my hubby! We had steaks on the grill, twice baked potatoes, corn on the cob and baked beans. YUM!
So after dinner, I mowed the grass since hubby didn't feel up to it after cooking. I don't mind since we have a rider. It still takes about an hour, but I just enjoy my thoughts while mowing.

After that was done I came in and watched my soap as it was being replayed and I cut out some fabric to make a childs apron. I found a really cute tutorial for a Childs Classic Apron. From start to finish it only took me about 2.5hrs. Of course I still consider myself a novice at all this too. I am thrilled with the results! I didn't have time to take a picture this morning but will add one tonight when I get home.

We are having a garage sale on Sat and I don't think I am prepared enough! I have went through some items and have stuff laying everywhere! My hubby is supposed to set me up some tables in the garage but I imagine it will be a late night to get everything done. I thought about taking half the day off at work today but chose not too. I need my vacation days for other things like Florida in 2wks!! So any money we get from the garage sale will go for extra spending cash while in FL.

Have a Fantabulous Friday!!

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