Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I love Spring and all that it brings, including those adorable little goslings.
At work we have a walking trail around a pond and it is nice to get out and enjoy the outdoors and just take a break from working. Well that is until there are goslings around. Those parent geese can be so mean! No I wasn't attacked or even close to it! Lets just say it puts a little pep in your step when they are near by.

At lunch today, a co-worker and I went for a walk. Half way around the pond the geese sat. They were honking and such at a man that just walked past. It is almost frightening to walk past them! We went anyway. Instead of walking on the sidewalk we veered off into the grass and they didn't honk or even get up. I guess we gave enough space they didn't feel threatened. Then they moved up the hill! We had to walk past them again as they were grazing under the trees! Again we made it without a honk.

So on my break I have 15 min to go take a quick walk. It all started off good and I got a warning from another fellow walker..."Stay away from those mean geese." So I was only going to walk half the trail, but they moved! So I decided to give them some time to get further away from the walkway and went for another loop across the road. Time is running out so I had to run a tad so I wasn't late back to my desk and phone! I get back to the shortest distance to the doors and there they are, just grazing. I just walked as fast as I could and scooted right past them again without a honk. Thank goodness!
You know it is my biggest fear in the spring to take a leisurely walk on a beautiful day and it turn it to an arm swinging, yelling run as I have a goose chasing me with its wings flapping....Hopefully that never happens! And if it does lets hope no one is around to witness it!

**picture from: Geese Wranglers LLC **

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