Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Happenings

Okay so I have kind of fallen off the posting train.
In the past week I have started the HCG diet, more on that in a minute. I have made a little makeup bag for my friends birthday and have given it to her without taking pictures....Bad me I know. It was so cute too.
She loved it!
My daughter has gotten her drivers license and I freak out everytime she drives away!
I think there is a virus on our main computer at home. Hubby was on it and said it started doing all kinds of pop ups and such and I am thinking he clicked on one and it downloaded a virus. Of course he says he clicked on nothing. No clue. Thankfully we only spent $40 on the tower from my work and my son doesn't use his very often so we are going to swap them around. Well either get the one fixed or just get rid of it. No we didn't have updated virus protection on our computer but I didn't mind with a $40 computer.

Anyway...On to my new diet.

I started on Sat the 23rd and had to load up on foods the first 2 days and start the drops those days too. It was HARD! I am not used to eating so much. By Sat night I didn't want to look at food with out fear of vomitting. Then on Sunday I was not hungry but forced it anyway. I gained 2lbs during my load days which is fine.
Then on Monday I started my low calorie portion along with my HCG drops. It wasn't bad. I was a tad hungry/snacky but I stuck to my strict diet and it was good. So I stepped on the scale this morning to do my morning weigh in and I am down 3lbs! So I have lost the 2lbs from loading and another pound.

So here is where I started:
145.6 on Sat morning Day 1
147.6 on Mon morning Day 3
144.6 pm Tues morning Day 4

I feel good and excited about this.

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