Friday, January 15, 2010

Week 2, Day 4

I totally skipped the gym last night, but I didn't skip the workout!

I went home and cooked dinner and did the dishes and did a little web surfing. Then as I was watching my soap 'All My Children' I did a little working out from my new magazine. It is Health & Fitness edition from All You.
There was a great 20 min upper body and endurance building workout. I did break out a sweat and I wasn't expecting that. Today my shoulders are sore from the standing push-ups.
Basically it gave you several exercises to alternate between and how long to do each one. It felt like a mini class and had some kickboxing moves.
I was satisfied and will be doing that again.
Today is my off day. I need some sleep but really want to go see the movie Lovely Bones. Hmmm...maybe I can talk my hubby into it.

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